Kluba Agnieszka (Клуба Агнешка)
Pre-pre-textuality of the Unwritten Book. Zbigniew Herbert on Jacques-Louis David

The paper considers manuscripts deposited in the Zbigniew Herbert Archive — textual documents testifying to a long-term work the poet undertook in order to write a book about Jacques-Louis David, a painter of the French neoclassicism. However, the book has never been written. The core assignment for a genetic researcher to carry out is to define what kind of textual phenomena one has to do with in this case. The preserved records preponderantly should be qualified as documents of creative process that precede even the very stage of producing variant pre-texts/drafts leading up to a final one. Still, it would be too reductive to claim that in the case of Herbert’s notes on David one can only deal with side effect jottings of studying many-faceted issue of French Revolution as the essential historical context of exemplum that absorbed the poet mostly: a case of an artist enmeshed with power and ideology. Seemingly this kind of notes prevails. Yet, one can trace how — somewhat collaterally to encompassing historical matters — the concept of the future book is building up thanks to such elements, both verbalized and implied as sudden commentaries, questions, lonely metaphors and apothegms, provisional orderliness, compositional plans and «false beginnings».