Gruchała Janusz (Грухала Януш)
In search for textual authority

The paper deals with the decisions, which editor takes trying to establish the text.

One of the most important issues is evaluating the witnesses of text (manuscripts and printed editions). Because the stemmatic method, used by classicists editing Greek and Roman authors, not always turns out to be fruitful when applied to modern texts, it is necessary to look for other solutions. One of them will be excluded: the voluntarist decisions made by an editor according to his aesthetic taste. Other, i.e. the authors will, shall be discussed, bearing in mind the critical opinions about it, formulated permanently in the last 50 years. The author will try to form an improved view on a role of the «subject of artistic activity», avoiding both the overemphasizing the biography of an author, as well as accepting the chaos, which arises when the figure of writer (a «forwarder» of text) is ignored.